A custom-made test is relevant, fair and valid with results that are meaningful and useful for decision making.

Fully Customized

ONE size does NOT fit all

All aspects of the life-cycle of the test from content and format to delivery and reports are customized by Precise Solutions according to the requirements of each client.

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On the Cloud

Accessible from Anywhere at Anytime

Precise Solutions’ distributed Cloud architecture will provide each client with secure access to a dedicated Cloud slice that keeps the data for each client separate and protected.

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All Language Skills

Each test covers all four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as subskills such as vocabulary, structure, functions, and intention.

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Multiple Randomized Versions

Multiple parallel versions of a test are meticulously constructed and randomly assigned to test takers. This will protect the integrity of the test content and will allow for parallel retakes for any reason.

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Meaningful Reports

Detailed individual, group and comparative reports provide details for further analysis and decision making.

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We partner with educational institutions to devise the most effective, relevant and meaningful solutions to all your testing and assessment needs and requirements.


All throughout the process of test construction, each test item and the whole test battery are assessed against standard reference benchmarks.

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Easy to Administer

Utilizing the latest technologies will allow for all components of a test and all aspects of a test session to be managed so conveniently and securely.

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Customized Dashboard

With a secure and dedicated dashboard, you can choose a test, or even parts of a test, create login credentials and download test reports.

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AI-Based Proctor

All Precise Solutions tests come with our real-time proprietary proctoring service, “ONE-EYE”. Our AI-based proctor is a feature of the test that can be turned on or off based on the requirements of each test or test situation. ONE-EYE monitors each test taker indiscriminately to guarantee the highest integrity level for each test. Since it is an inbuilt feature of the test, there is no need for an appointment or involvement of a third party. All proctoring is done within the restricted test environment.

In-built Accessibility Tools

No Need to Install any Third-Party Accessibility Tool

All our tests come with inbuilt accessibility tools for those who need test accommodation. With inbuilt accessibility tools embedded in the test environment all necessary accessibility tools are provided for test takers with different accommodation needs. As a feature of every test, accessibility tools can be easily turned on or customized for each specific test as needed.


Use the right TOOL for the right PURPOSE.

Data obtained through rigorous measurement is the most powerful tool for making fair and sound decisions.

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Importance of Third-Party Testing

Unbiased and Credible Assessment

Testing is a sophisticated discipline and good tests are hard to make. Tests and their results must be objective and meaningful and reflect the skills or abilities of the test takers with maximum accuracy and without bias.

The undeniable impact of assessment of students’ performance on their lives and careers, burdens educators with the professional and ethical obligation to take adequate steps to ensure that assessment of students’ learning and progress is valid, accurate, fair, and in harmony with course objectives.

Objectives of Testing

Look Beyond Scores

Teaching and testing are the yin and yang of education. Tests and their results can be used for a multitude of purposes from selection or placement in a program to measurement of attainment.

Traditionally, summative tests were used only with a pass-fail criterion in mind. Later, formative assessment helped shed more light on the degree and direction of learning with a chance of correcting the direction. However, modern tests are used for a large number of other reasons. Interpretation of the results obtained through rigorous testing can be used to make an array of decisions about the degree and quality of learning; i.e., learners’ strong and weak points as well as the effectiveness of instruction and relevance of the curriculum.

As your partner in testing and assessment, Precise Solutions will be with you to apply the results of assessments to betterment of all facets of learning-teaching enterprise.