Use the right TOOL for the right PURPOSE.

Precise Solutions works in partnership with clients to create the right tool for the right purpose. To achieve this, we devise tests that are customized in content, length and features according to the requirements of each client.

Admission Test

Determine if candidates possess the language skills required to start a program

A fair and effective admission test must inevitably be based on the curriculum and subjects that the participants of a program are going to study. An admission test is often the first test applicants to educational institutions are given before they are accepted to any of the disciplines, programs or courses offered in English by any educational institution.

A major misunderstanding is that admission tests are generic tests that can be used for admission of candidates to any program at any educational institution. However, each educational institution, such as universities, colleges and schools has their own standards, roadmaps and curriculum. An admission test that works well for a school does not necessarily work equally well for another school or college.

Precise Solutions designs and administers an admission test specifically and exclusively designed for your educational institution based on your unique needs and purposes.

Placement Test

Place new applicants where they belong in a course

A good Placement Test must necessarily be based on the curriculum the test takers are supposed to study after they are admitted to an educational program. A random off-the-shelf test cannot satisfy this very essential requirement.

Our testing specialists at Precise Solutions review your curriculum, study the objectives of the course to be offered, and conduct a needs analysis to determine the content, length and properties of the placement test.

Having misplaced participants with multiple proficiency levels in the same course is one of the most prevalent problems in educational institutions.

Achievement Test

Evaluate learners’ achievement and progress

Precise measurement of progress is necessary to ensure the quality of learning and the effectiveness of instruction. By conducting regular and periodic tests that are professionally designed, proficiently administered and objectively scored, the direction, depth, and quality of both learning and instruction can be measured.

Precise Solutions will inform teachers and administrators of the areas of the curriculum that were possibly missed or under-taught. The results of the tests build the foundation for future planning and further teacher support and education.

Achievement tests are an essential part of a formative assessment of the learners’ attainment and will cast light on the strong and weak points.

Precise measurement of progress is necessary to ensure the quality of learning and the effectiveness of instruction.

Diagnostic Test

A checkup from the neck up!

A Diagnostic Test is a snapshot of a running program in order to identify the existing problems slowing down or impeding the process of learning and/or teaching. Just like any other test, a good Diagnostic Test must reflect the curriculum and teaching methodologies in order for the results to be meaningful and relevant.

Decisions about any change to the curriculum or teaching methodologies are learned decisions that must be data driven. An effective Diagnostic Test can readily produce reliable data for such significant decisions to be made confidently.

ESP Test

Assess English language ability for Specific Purposes

English is the universally accepted language of science and technology. Testing English proficiency for any discipline must reflect the course content and must be able to accurately measure the linguistic ability of the candidates for effective functioning in those scientific areas. The language of medicine is different from the language of law or engineering.

Precise Solutions can work in tandem with the departments of science, engineering or art to create language proficiency tests for your specific purposes.

A fair and effective placement of learners in any educational program is the key to the success of the participants and the overall positive outcome of that program.

Proficiency Test

Measure present level and fluency in each language skill

Precise Solutions makes proficiency tests that provide high-resolution snapshots of the present linguistic proficiency level of candidates as the best starting point to every teaching-learning endeavour.

General proficiency tests can be given to students upon entry or exit from a course or program. A language proficiency test is sometimes constructed in reverse engineering to ensure that students have the ability to use language in various contexts, settings, and topics, and can handle real-world linguistic tasks in everyday communication.